My beginnings.....

The day  I met my girls and their other siblings changed my life forever. I met them at my school and I was one of their teachers. I instantly had a connection with all of them. I love all of my students but these groups of kids touched my heart dearly. I cared for those kids like they were my own. My classroom was their restaurant, shopping center, and beauty salon. When they missed school I called their social workers to see why they missed school and to let them know that I've missed them that day. Every single day I went home and spoke about my girls to my family. I found out that my girls were living in a shelter with other foster children. My sister and I went to court and asked for visitation rights, so that I can see them on the weekends and to take them out to special places. And I was awarded visitation :)



I've had several conversations with my husband about adopting them and at that time my husband mentioned to me that we don't have any kids of our own and he stated that we will discuss this matter later. I prayed and prayed because I knew in my heart that those girls belonged with us.

 But on this day my heart dropped in despair due to the fact that  I missed a day of work and when returning back to work the next day my assistant principal pulled me into her office to tell me  that my girls were gone and they have been placed in a home. I broke down and started crying in her office because I thought they were gone forever and I kept saying that I didn't say good bye and none of their social workers contacted me to tell me about this instant move. So, I contacted the social worker to ask them where were my girls and how can I see them and they stated since they been placed in a home your visitation rights were terminated. I WAS DEVASTATED!!!!! My whole world started crashing!!! I called my husband crying hysterically and he told me not to worry because they will be back to us. I just didn't see where my husband was coming from and I honestly did not want to hear him and as I think back my husband was speaking FAITH.

The Lord works in mysterious ways, So one day the social worker came out to my school to pick up documents for the girls and I asked her is it possible for me to adopt them. We both cried because I told her that they were my daughters and we are destined to be family. She stated that she will let the other social workers know that I want to adopt them.

We grew a bond that no one could have understood, Right after visitation our rights were terminated  My sister and I  went to court to ask for temporary custody and have them to stay with us until they found them a home but that wasn't enough for me, I wanted them to be my daughters forever. My family grew to love them too.

I wrote my girls judge and asked to have an emergency hearing to state my interest in adopting the girls. That same week I received a call from the judge secretary stating for me to come to court concerning that issue. That morning I was home and I told my husband that I was going to court to get our girls and telling him why we needed to get the girls and I'm going on and on and did not realize that my husband said God already dealt with him and told me to go get our girls. My husband stopped me from talking and said did you hear me " I said God already dealt with me pertaining that and go bring our girls home". I cried because that was confirmation that we were bringing our girls home.

This judge had compassion for kids and their well being. When the judge saw me, tears started to fall from his eyes and he stated I knew these kids were for you. He asked how does your husband feel about you all adopting and you all don't have any kids of your own and I told him my husband is in agreement with me and this is what God has put on us to do and we will have our own children down the line but these girls needs us now.

I was granted temporary custody of the girls that same day and I had to do start the Adoption class. My sister and I went to go pick up the girls but we had obstacles in front of us the social workers wouldn't release the girls to us stating that the judge told us to get them on another day, so we left and went home and I called the police and showed the police the court order that the girls were to come home with us and that's when the social workers released the girls to us. When the girls saw us my oldest daughter said I knew you were coming to get us and I knew you were going to be my mom. I just started to cry all over again because I loved them like I had birthed them.

When I was granted temporary custody of my girls they were 6 and 7. They were not properly potty trained and they were afraid of toilets especially when the toilet had to be flushed. One day my oldest girl went to use the restroom and she called me to the door crying, so I opened the door and she was just crying and I kept saying what is wrong with you and I flushed the toilet and she SCREAMED AND HOLLERED, so I started to panic and she kept saying I'm sorry I'm sorry and I told her there's no need to be sorry, why are you afraid of the toilet? She was unable to answer me. So that episode freaked me out so I started to read their documents and it stated that as a punishment their biological father made them sit on the toilet and flushed and flushed until he felt that they learned their lesson.

So until they overcame that obstacle I did not allow them to flush the toilet nor did I flush the toilet in their presence.

Vanessa Rigby

I'm an adoptive mother of two beautiful biological sisters. I'm also the founder/president of an non profit organization called "WE WERE YOU FOUNDATION, INC". I'm a teacher and I'm also a doctoral student.

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