TARGET and Grandma's Care

Since the age of 7, I have lived with my grandma and relied on her to take care of me. Before that age I stayed with her off and on, but never for very long. I was unsuccessfully placed in both my mother's and my father's care. About 3 years ago, I was finally placed with my grandma. It was in her home that I found the stability I needed, along with the love and respect I had always wanted.

TARGET-lgI have also been involved in the TARGET (Trauma Affect Regulation Guide for Education and Therapy) program, which has helped me understand and control stress. When TARGET was first introduced to me I wasn't really sure about it, but my grandma encouraged me to participate. She told me that it would help us work together, become closer, and even communicate better. We attended a number of sessions over several weeks. Although I was leery at first, I began to realize how TARGET was helping me in a number of ways.

At home, my grandma and I talked more and seemed to communicate with each other better. At school, I was able to remain more focused in class and see my goals more clearly. Overall, I feel that participating in TARGET has helped me to set goals and to be able to follow through with those goals. I would recommend TARGET to any other kids, because it really did help me.


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