Instant Parents of Twins

My husband and I became foster parents in 2008 in hopes of adopting a child. After a few months of getting no placement calls, we decided to increase our licensing to allow up to two children. Within days, we were informed that we were being considered for placement of twin newborn babies! My famous last words to my husband were, "How much harder can two babies be than one?"

InstantParentofTwinsOur twins were born 9 weeks premature and weighed just 3 pounds each. We had many worry-filled nights as the twins spent their first weeks of life in a hospital's neonatal intensive care unit. But finally, after 28 days, we were able to bring them home with us.

The next few years were filled with a whirlwind of changes and emotions, but we prayed all along that we would be able to adopt these children. We grew so attached to them that the very thought of them ever leaving was saddening. The relationship with their birth mother wasn't always easy, but in the end, she blessed us with permission to adopt them. And now, we are able to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of finalizing the adoption.

We feel so fortunate to have these wonderful children. Words cannot express how much they have enriched our lives. The twins are now very active 5-year-olds, enjoying wonderful, carefree, and loving lives. They are surrounded by family who love them unconditionally. I won't say that there were no emotional ups and downs in fostering, but it was all worthwhile in the end.

Taylor Pyles

Taylor Pyles is a child abuse survivor and the founder of The Blue Ribbon Project. He has been a police officer with Annapolis Police Department for over a decade and is assigned as a Detective in the Criminal Investigations Section.  When not working, you'll find him spending time with his family and out enjoying the countryside on two wheels. 

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