MaRita Jacobson

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MaRita Jacobson

I am 36 years old. I am a wife of a police officer and the mother of one beautiful daughter.
I am an adoptee and a child abuse survivor. I work with adults with disabilities. I hold an
A.S. in Criminal Justice. I love photography, to write, surf the net, and travel.

Everyone that you know has a story to tell, some easier to listen to than others. This is mine. It’s not easy to write, I am sure it won’t be easy to read. I write it not for sympathy, that’s not who or what I am about. I stand tall with my head held high. I am not the victim these people wanted me to be. I rose above all the abuse, the hurt, and the pain and became a Survivor. I write my story simply to share it, but also as a thanks to those that helped a scared kid all those years ago. The more people that know that Child Abuse happens every day in every town in every socioeconomic status, and then maybe just maybe it will happen less; fewer kids will bare the scars that cast a shadow over them that last a lifetime. So this is my story…

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